I paint because I know that nothing is permanent. Scenes, perspectives, and opinions all change. I paint because I care for the Earth. We are the caregivers of this precious world we call Home.

I paint because I want people to feel and see the world a little differently than before. I often say with deep affection and gratitude that “I was raised by animals.” They provided me a sense of warmth, connection, and trust.

This valley I call home comes in layers. It’s full of beauty, history, tradition, culture, innocence, honesty, victory, and tragedy. I feel lucky, blessed, and grateful to paint it all, to try and preserve a bit of its authenticity before modern times leave it all a dusty memory. Everything I paint comes from the heArt. To me, these images are epic, majestic, mysterious, soulful, historical, cultural, natural, honest, and deeply valuable. Painting life as I know it and sharing it with you brings me great joy.